Recipe Formatting for Squarespace Food Bloggers

Recipe Formatting for Squarespace Food Bloggers


Ever wonder if you could make your recipes formatted better on Squarespace? Ever wonder if you can use the word "method" instead of instructions or directions? Wonder if you should be adding information that helps readers find your posts? Wanted that little google recipe search to show up for your recipes? 

This is the course for you. In three short videos we show you how to:

1. Format your recipes to LOOK great on your site. Make sure they are really legible and formatted in a way that people will easily be able to read and execute your hard work.

2. Add in all the Google Recipe Data you need - hidden in the back end of your site so that your recipe can say "formage" and the back end says "cheese". Because zero people outside of France search "formage" tart.

3. Kick up your SEO and formatting for the rest of your post! This way your site is fully optimized for audience to find your recipes.


SquareFoodie Course Information

This course is hosted on Squarespace - when you purchase the course, you will receive a PDF download. In there you will find the url and the credentials to log-in and watch the three videos, and download any files that go along side your content.

Due to the immediate digital nature of this course, it is non-refundable. If you have any questions please contact us before purchasing.

All content is created and designed by Meg Summerfield Studio, LLC. We encourage you to edit the css - but please do not share the code with others. We keep prices reasonable. Sharing is not caring in this case.

This CSS portion of this course is made to be done on the Brine family of templates, but can be altered for other templates and we show how to alter the CSS. Please check out which templates are Brine Family Here. 

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