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Squarespace Food Blogger Design and Resources

frequently • Asked • Questions

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Why Squarespace?

Squarespace provides a platform to create a website filled with beauty simplicity. It's back end is incredibly user friendly and is very visual in it's development settings. Forget what you heard about it's restrictions, as without even stepping a foot inside 'developer mode' you can implement custom CSS that'll transform what your site can do!


Do I Need To Have A Blog Already?

If you have the ideas, you're already halfway there! Whether you're a veteran food blogger or a young buck with inspired ideas, this course will get you to the top of your game, stat.

Is This Just For Food Bloggers?

The websites you will design in this course are inspired by some of our favourite Pinterest kitchens and some modules are heavily focussed on recipe building, organizing and filing (if you're a foodie, you will appreciate the importance of this!) 

So, whilst you'll still learn a tonne of SS and coding knowledge regardless, you won't get the most out of what this course offers unless you are a food blogger.