What's the story behind Square Foodie? 

It all started when...

Square Foodie started back in two-thousand and thirteen. I was working full time, and spending every second possible on my food blog. I was at the time a print designer - who was determined never to be a web designer. Oh how times change.

From working with high-end blogs on wordpress for years, I knew I had zero interest in "upgrading" my food blog from anything other than the platform I had called home for my own blogging. It seemed ludacris that someone had to deal with the technology nightmare of wordpress to do it right. Then started my obsession, finding out how to design, code and implement the best food blogs out there on squarespace possible. 

Today, that has grown into a path that wasn't quite a straight line to get here. Before selling anything to the public for food blogs, I have made it my passion to know as much as I could. From designing at Meg Summerfield Studio, and then growing the deisgn community through Square Design Guild.